M5 Speed Multi-Use Radar System


The M5 Speed traffic monitoring device represents a sensible investment in the future. Thanks to its modular concept, it can be expanded with other components without issue. For example, it is possible to operate the M5 Speed as a mobile radar, a stationary speed enforcement system, a red light violation enforcement system, or a combined system. Optional housing variants offer optimal integration possibilities in urban areas.


  • Modular and extensible concept
  • Simple, menu-driven operation (fixed data, such as location code and speed limit, are stored and available at power-on location)
  • Data control and menu navigation via an easy-to-read LCD display
  • Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled and supervised operation
  • Internal clock with daylight saving (summer/winter) time change
  • Enter up to 30 speed change times
  • Possibility of external speed change
  • Track-selective measurement using a Speed cassette per lane
  • Low power consumption
  • Optional:
    • Status monitoring using the SMM module (status message module)
    • Integration into networks
    • Car truck selection with automatic speed change

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range

5 km/h – 250 km/h

Display Range

5 km/h – 299 km/h

Number of Measurable Lanes

1 – 3 lanes

Sensor System

Two independent lines with fiber-optic sensors

Probe Distance

Each 1.5 m – offset by > 0.45 m

Traffic error limits (valid in Germany)

±3 km/h for measured values up to 100 km/h

±3 % for measured values greater than 100 km/h

Operation + Display

Backlit display + four buttons



Site code

Sleep times

Image capacity for selected storage medium

Display of:


Measured speed

Picture number

Other status information

Date and time

Internal clock with automatic daylight saving (summer/winter) time adjustment


30 switching times programmable for speed change



Remote Data Transmission


Design Column


M5 Fuel Cell





Standard Mast




We are excited to announce that VDS Verkehrstechnik GmbH has been acquired by International Road Dynamics Inc. (IRD) VDS is thrilled to join the IRD family as its newest subsidiary and we look forward to innovating together and continuing to deliver exceptional experiences for customers, partners, and distributors in Germany and the region. Together with IRD we will respond to new opportunities worldwide to enhance transportation safety.



VDS Verkehrstechnik (VDS Traffic Engineering) was founded in 1999 in the state of Saxony in Germany. We specialize in traffic data and products for traffic enforcement. VDS manufactures our products as well as providing comprehensive support including planning, project management, installation and maintenance for both fixed installations and portable solutions. We also offer a wide range of supporting products.

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