Traffic Radar Device M5 Rad3


The M5 Rad3 is suitable for speed measurement and detecting vehicles that violate speed limits. The M5 Rad3 measures the speed of vehicles driving past and simultaneously measures the distance between the vehicles and the measuring device. The M5 Rad3 captures extremely precise data for vehicles exceeding the permitted speed.

The M5 RAD3 is easy to integrate with the M5 SPEED and similar devices.


  • Operates in all weather conditions
  • Suitable for portable use or stationary installations 
  • The shorter design column is recommended if better capture of drivers is desired, as it decreases the vertical photo angle
  • Works without pavement sensors in fixed installations
  • Ready for use within approximately 5 minutes
  • Measurement ranges as close as 3.5 m guarantee reading accuracy for enforcement
  • Horizontal and vertical focuses of the radar beam are approximately 5°
  • Exact assignment of the offence of the vehicle by distance measurement
  • Image capture provides proof of speed violation
  • A second camera may be added
  • Possible application of two measuring systems in one vehicle
  • The M5 RAD3 works with digital camera model ISC 4000 VDS only

Technical Specifications

Transmission Frequency 24,000 to 24,250 GHz   Weight  
Measurement Speed 10 – 300 km/h         M5 Camera with lens Approx. 9.0 kg
Measurement Distance 2.1 m – 40.1 m         Radar Antenna Approx. 3.5 kg
Measurement U angle 20°         VDS / 1 Approx. 10.0 kg
Traffic error limits (valid in Germany) ± 3 km/h for speeds up to 100 km/h   Camera ISC 4000 VDS digital camera
± 3% for speeds over 100 km/h Traffic data : Date, time, direction, distance between measuring point and vehicle, image no.
Operating Temperature Range -20° C to +60° C (self-monitored)   Image storage Approx. 1333 images/8GB USB stick
Storage Temperature Range -40° C to +80° C   Flash Red flash: power max. 360 W s
Power Supply 12 V DC / 230 V 50 Hz   Flash sequence < 1 second; Built-in overheating protection
Switch off the device if the supply voltage is below 11.5 V or outside the operating temperature range.
Power Consumption (Traffic monitoring with camera and M5 card) Approx. 17.5 Watt   Date and time Internal clock with automatic daylight saving (summer/winter) time adjustment




Vehicle Mounted VDS


Lithium Battery


M5 Secondary Camera




Remote Data Transmission


Short Design Column





M5 Secondary Camera




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